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Essential Clothing for the Workplace

Essential Clothing for the Workplace

If you don’t sit behind a desk all day, the chances are you need the right clothing for work. Outdoor occupations require clothing that offers a high level of protection, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Modern men’s working clothes are both stylish and protective, and are designed to be comfortable, while offering a high level of protection against the elements.

Years ago, the focus was on safety and practicality, with no real thought about fashion, yet today’s outdoor man requires more than just protection, and the range of men’s workwear available gives the rugged outdoor guy choices. Protection, safety, and fashion are now entwined, with a range of colours and styles that complement the working man.

Working boots

Many occupations involve heavy work and protective footwear is compulsory in some industries, and it used to be a trade-off between comfort and safety. Modern protective footwear is both protective and comfortable, and the days of breaking in a pair of work boots are long gone. Whether you prefer lace ups or slip-ons, modern solutions offer a range of styles to complement your outfit. Trainers have always been comfortable, yet they were not suitable for work as they offered little or no protection, however, modern footwear incorporates a trainer style with steel toe caps and slip resistant soles.


Leading companies like Lowe offer the ideal solution for the working man, with cargo pockets and Teflon coating, they are both lightweight and offer a high level of protection. Reflective tape is essential for people who work in public areas, or at night, when visibility is an issue. Yakka is a leading company that provides a range of customised trousers that are ideal for farm work, tree surgery, and the construction industry.

Reflective shirts and vests

Safety often requires that the worker is highly visible and a range of shirts and vest with reflective material ensures that you are seen by all, even at night. Teflon coated products are lightweight and durable, which gives the wearer a comfortable experience, and if the work is hard, they are designed to keep you dry. Cotton drill shirts can be washed over and over, and with a Teflon coating, offer the highest level of protection.

Working overalls

These have always been popular, and modern solutions offer more than ever, with pre-shrunk 100% cotton that is both strong and lightweight. Essential pockets for tools and mobile phones ensure that you have easy access, and with a range of colours, overalls are no longer bland and unattractive.

Winter workwear

The cold weather requires adequate protection, yet bulky jackets tend to inhibit movement, and this has always been an issue for outdoor workers. Modern designs are light and extremely durable, with a high level of insulation, without the bulk. Reversible vests are ideal, and with reflective strips, safety is not compromised. Bomber jacket styles and fleece tops are both fashionable and protective, so the stylish man no longer has to compromise.

If you work outdoors, the right clothing is essential, and modern designs offer a trendy alternative to the uncompromising bland styles of old, and with lightweight durable materials, they are comfortable to wear while working.

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